Gilles Privat

I have been working throughout my professional career in fields and positions where broad-based yet in-depth technical knowledge makes a difference. I have kept trying to constantly and consistently enrich this knowledge and the associated know-how in a range of domains that have continuously evolved and broadened over time, building upon my accrued experience.
I have pioneered and contributed to establish within Orange (France Telecom R&D at the time) the research agenda of "smart devices" that has henceforth branched out into M2M/Internet of Things and Ambient Intelligence/Smart Spaces. I provide a cross-domain range of expertise to several research and development projects in this purview, with a current focus on applications of the IoT to smart homes, smart energy and smart cities, taking into account the specific requirements of control-oriented applications to address the design of a transversal cyber-physical system infrastructure for supporting them. I have an extensive track record of leadership and participation in European collaborative research projects,  up to ITEA, ARTEMIS/ECSEL, FP7-ICT, and H2020.

Short biography

I received engineering and doctoral degrees in systems theory from Télécom ParisTech Institute. I have been a research associate, research engineer and head of research group with CNRS and later with CNET, a public telecom research institute. I am currently a senior scientist and project leader with Orange Labs, with a current focus on Cyber-Physical Systems/Internet of Things infrastructures and their applications to smart homes, smart cities and smart energy. I have authored or co-authored more than 80 peer-reviewed and invited publications and hold 13 patents

Topics of interest

  • Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things, Smart Environments, networked embedded systems, sensors and actuators networks, Ambient Intelligence, pervasive/ubiquitous information/communication

  • Smart cities, smart buildings, smart home, smart energy and smart grids

  • Context-awareness, distributed cognitive systems, embodied and enactive cognition in human interface and networked smart device systems

  • System architecture, including distributed software architectures for pervasive communication/computing systems

  • Complex systems, graph-based models of complexity, systems of systems

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