Eilean Von Lautz Cauzanet

I am an open minded and dynamic junior policy analyst, interested in research and projects dealing with ICTs and education policies, particularly concerning teachers. I have worked since my studies and particularly at UNESCO and Orange Labs on projects dealing with the question of how to exploit efficiently the potential of ICTs for innovative education policies and skills development. I am interested in the potential and impact of synergies between the public and private sector (R&D) on education policies.

My PhD focuses on the use of mobile technologies within in-service teacher training projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. I analyze if, which and to which extent sustainable contributions of mobile based training can be identified and what they tell us about the educative potential of ICTs in rural and remote areas.


Eilean von Lautz - Cauzanet est doctorante en 2ème année (OLPS/UCE/SENS). Sous la direction de Eric Bruillard (ENS Cachan), ses recherches portent sur l'utilisation de la technologie mobile dans le cadre de la formation des maîtres en Afrique-Subsaharienne.